Team Behind Nexvel Entertainment

Ari Fathurriza

Founder, CEO & Game Director

Adithia Tirta Zulfikar

Co-Founder & Lead Programmer

Thomas Budi Santosa

Co-Founder, UI/UX Designer


Co-Founder & 2D Artist

Fahrina Amalia

Game Economy Designer

Helmi Maulana

3D Artist

Kevin Indra Mulyana

Junior Narrative/Story Designer

Dwi Oktaviane

Junior Programmer

Kristian Rolando

Junior Programmer

Rangga Fajar Tunggara

2D Artist

Okhi Syahrul Bharkah

Junior UI/UX Designer


Junior Community Manager

Our Story

2017 – The first time this studio was named STG Studio and was only handled by one person, namely the Founder himself. This year there are several games that have been published on the Playstore, but were pulled back for some reason.

2018 – In 2018, STG Studio changed its name and branding to Inspicode Studio because it is growing and has published several games such as Sate Mania, but they are still handled alone.

2019 – In this year the studio changed its name again to ARFA Media, following the name of the Founder, Ari Fathurriza. There have been many games published and one of the best-selling ones is Merah Putih, but it is still being handled alone.

2022 – In this year, the studio changed its name and branding for the last time to Nexvel Entertainment. Nexvel itself is an abbreviation of “Next Level” which the Founder believes that the studio will grow rapidly this year. In April 2022 Nexvel finally had a staff of approximately 5 people and succeeded in releasing the first game, “Jomblo Rise Up”. In September 2022 Nexvel has a staff of 12 people and is officially registered as a company called “PT Nexvel Digital Group”. In October 2022 Nexvel managed to get a publisher, get funding and collaborate with CRX Entertainment Pte Ltd. which is a publisher from Singapore.

2023 – This year, we managed to release 2 of our newest games thanks to the collaboration with CRX Entertainment. And we agreed to proceed to long-term cooperation. This year we also started to collaborate with several other parties such as YSY Softworks, Platomenti and Jendela.